Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Do An Engagement Session?

I get this question often and was asked once again today, so I decided it was due time for me to blog it! :D 

An engagement session is usually done months before the wedding.  Most people schedule their session right after they book the photographer so they can use the photos for their announcements/invitations/or save the dates.

Another use for the session is to post the photos in newspaper or on your facebook page to announce to the world how wonderful you look together! :D

I've had several couples use their engagement photos to display at the reception.  I LOVE that because people always ask me, "Did YOU shoot their engagement photos?" And I shrug and kick the floor in an "awe shucks" sort of way and say "Yes!"  :D

The most creative ways I've seen people use engagement session photos is on a slideshow during the reception to entertain their gueses.  And one couple used the session photos to put in a sign in book for the wedding. 

The most important thing in my opinion about an engagement session is, it's just another way for us to see each other again and work together (especially the groom), so we can all be more comfortable with each other and we're already best friends by the wedding day! :D 

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