Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lauren + Wes' Nuptuals | Cedartown, GA wedding photographer

This wedding was definitely epic!  Lauren didn’t want to do anything half way. We went to Savannah, GA for their engagement session, and we shot her bridal portraits at The Swan House in Atlanta.  Her wedding ceremony and reception were no exception.   
Let’s just talk about her wedding party…. 26 attendants including the bride and groom.  Yes, count them, twenty-six!!!! What was SO fun about them all was one of my “favorite things.”  During the wedding party photos, I had them do a little dance for a shot I wanted to get.  I asked them to dance, “A one and a two and a one and a two….” Then when I called out that I got the shot… they all kept dancing…. And dancing!! :D It was so spontenious and fun. 
My other “favorite thing” from their wedding was the way Lauren and Wes were together.  Couples are always in love at every wedding for sure, but these two just couldn’t keep their hands off each other! It was sooooo sweet to see them dancing together, laughing and hugging.  I just loved seeing how much fun they were having together!  I just love LOVE!!!! :D

To see more of Lauren and Wes' wedding photos, please CLICK HERE!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday Part II

Here is some of the photos from Hannah's birthday party! She chose to only have a couple of friends spend the night and camp out!  It was a ton of fun.... till the thunderstorms came.  But the house was full of giggles into the night and they still had a great time! :D


Hannah is 11 today!!!!  This is the first year I don't bring treats to school and eat lunch with her (at her request).  Middle School is such a drag!!!!  But Hannah is growing up to be such a lovely young woman! I'm SUPER proud of what a smart, sweet, and beautiful young lady she is becoming!  :D  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Jones' Summer Trip 2012 Part VII

We didn't get to see any wolves in the park and Emily LOVES wolves, so we stopped at the Grizzley and Wolf Discovery Center outside of the park and got to get up close and personal with some of the animals!

On our way back to Salt Lake City we drove through Idaho and stopped at Messa Falls. It was probably the most beautiful falls we saw on the whole trip! Totally worth the stop!

Brooke was pretty exhausted from all the walking we did all week. She's a trooper and did great in the car and on the plane, but all that walking wore her out! 

While driving to Messa falls I yelled out to stop the car! I saw some beautiful flowers up on the hill, so we climbed up while singing Home On The Range very loudly to ward off any bears and took some great shots of the girls!

 Idaho potato fields were interesting and beautiful!


Our last stop before getting on the plane was  This is the Place Monument and the Salt Lake Temple.