Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Weddings | Indigo Falls Dallas, GA wedding photography

I've said it before in a recent post! Just because you get married in January, your pictures don't have to look like you got married in January!  Anna and Jeremy's wedding was absolutely perfect.  And even thought it was FA-reezing that day, we all made the best of it.... and when I say "we" I mean Anna and her bridesmaids because let 's face it,  I wore a coat and so did the men! :D  But I heard no complaints and everyone was all smiles for Anna and Jeremy's perfect day!! 


One Shot Wonder For Your Weekend!

I decided to take a shot of getting some close ups of snow flakes! I was amazed at what I found!! :D

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Wonderland!!!

Sorry I've neglected my blog this week!  The kids have been out of school and we've been snowed in!!! Lucky for me I had already gone grocery shopping on Monday and we've got lots of firewood! We have really made the best of the snow! It's been a great week!!! :D 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Featured on Atlanta Bridal!

I was SO honored when Lei with contacted me because she wanted to feature my new studio on her blog! :D OHBOY!  I've been with since I first started. I love the feedback I get from them, but I also love the networking opportunities and the amazing one on one service I get from them!  Thanks SO much Lei for sharing the photo of my studio with viewers! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Engagement Session | Atlanta Engagement Portraits

Who says winter has to be bare and bleak!  When couples schedule their sessions in the winter they are often times worried about the backgrounds and how they will look cold and bare!  But it doesn't have to!  There is much more to winter than just snow and frost!  Lindsey and Jason's session was rescheduled to January due to rain. We were worried about the weather, but we totally lucked out with a gorgeous day!!! The best thing was, Lindsey picked an adorable location with lots of evergreen shrubs.  We shot during the golden hour and viola!  Amazing photos that don't have that, "OMG they look freezing," or "Yep, they shot that in January," look.  Honestly these images could have been shot in July and they would look the same!  So, don't be afraid of shooting  a session in the winter.  You just need a good location, great light, and a photographer who's not afraid of getting a little bit cold! :D