Monday, March 28, 2011

Mother Nature's Goodness!

Wow, every time I drove by these flowers, the photographer in my heart couldn't bear it any more.  It was in the front yard of a house that's been vacant for months, so after church,  I dragged my kids out in the soggy, wet grass to take advantage of mother nature's goodness!!! :D   You don't see the crushed oreo cookies under the fingernails of Brookie, or the socks I made Hannah take off to wet and clean the cookies off their faces... or the potty dance Emily was doing the whole time, or the gigglling the kids did every time I squatted down and could see my underpants.  The shoot took about 15 minutes of chaos, coldness, wetness, a little bit of crying, and complaining..... but it was worth it!!! :D


  1. So precious! Awesome place!

  2. Great shots! And you are so lucky to live in a place with such awesome nature backgrounds :)