Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Consultation

I met with Kendal and her mom last night for their consultation.  The wedding consultation is SO important because that's where we chat about the actual details of the day, timeline and family photos.  This all gets done ahead of time, so there's no guessing on the day of the wedding.  I found out from Kendal that they're going to have a vintage getaway car, a very large bridal party and they may use ribbons for the send off.  I LOVE IT!!! :D  I also love the consult because I can get to know my bride more so we can be even more happy to see each other on the big day!! Hahah!  Can't wait Kendal!!! :D  

 I decided to re-post some of their engagement photos because they are..... AH-MAZING!!!


  1. Can I ask where was it taken? Unbelievable place!

  2. It was on their family cotton farm near Cave Spring, GA. I just consider myself pretty lucky when locations like this come around! Thanks!