Friday, June 24, 2011

6 degrees of of Kevin Bacon!

Starts with me!!!! It was so much fun today in Cedartown.  I went to the set of  "Jayne Mansfield's Car."  It's directed and Produced by Billy Bob Thornton, Starring Robert Duvall , Kevin Bacon, Dennis Quaid, Ray Stevenson. The Movie is projected to be released in 2013.  I wanted to chat with the set photographer to "talk shop," but the police made me stay back with all of the other sightseers.  Then a stroke of good luck!  Kevin Bacon walked around the corner and the crowd went wild.... so what did I do?  I just walked right down main street onto the set and found the set photographer.  After some crowd control things settled down and there I was on the set with all of the cast and crew, just hangin' out!! :D  I really enjoyed talking with the set photographer who gave me some awesome tips!  Yeah.... I'm not afraid of puttin' it all out there! :D   What fun!

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