Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Practial to Fabulous!!!

My dear sweet husband got me the best gift I could have ever gotten about 4 years ago.  A new black multipurpose camera bag!  I was previously using an igloo cooler as a camera bag.... no kidding!  Practical, yes.  Functional, yes.  But 4 years later and 100 weddings later I decided to turn "practial" into "FABULOUS!!!" 

As a birthday present to myself I ordered a Kelly Moore designer camera bag about three months ago.  And it came just in time!!!  Mark didn't think I could fit both of my DSLR's, lenses, flashes and everything else I had stuffed in my old bag into my super duper fashion bag.... but it did..... and with flaire.... style..... CLASS!!!!!  Can you tell I'm a bit excited about it. 

So, now when I go to my photo sessions and weddings, I won't feel so much like a pack mule, but more like a DIVA!!!! :D 

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