Friday, December 30, 2011

Maegan + Cody = Married!!!! | Rockmart, GA Wedding Photographer | Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer

It was another one of those weddings! You know, the kind where I feel like I'm just showing up to see some of my friends!  What a great way to end 2011!  Even the officiant gave me a hug when he first saw me... and yes, don't forget when you all asked me to straighten the crooked candle right before the ceremony began. Yes, the photographer has many jobs! :D  And I love them all! It really was like having a party with friends and the best part was, afterwards, I met up with my family for dinner and went to see Christmas Lights. Seriously the best-day-ever!!! :D  Congrats Maegan and Cody!!

To see more of Maegan + Cody's wedding  please CLICK HERE!!!

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