Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Watch your Step!!! | Dallas, Georgia Family Portrait Photographer

So, pretty much every session has a memorable moment for me.  And this time it WAS!  I was taking a great shot of Michelle's handsome boys walking down a path and as they were walking towards me, of course, I was walking backwards.The next thing I saw was my feet and the sky!  I walked right into a ditch, rolled onto my back and my feet went straight up!! Luckily it was an early morning/cold shoot so my overcoat padded my fall and the entire time my camera was in my hand outstreached witout a scratch on it!  :D After I fell, one of the boys reached down to help me out of the ditch and we all laughed.  I was totally embarassed, but no one was hurt, my camera was saved and we got a pretty great photo out of it! :D HAHAHHA!

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