Monday, July 16, 2012

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Nikole and David's wedding was so sweet. Not only was it super awesome to see all of my neighbors, and my very own family was invited, but I have several "Favorite Things" from their wedding day! 

The fist one that was the BEST, was when Nikole and David had their first look under the willow tree next to Spring Lake.  When he saw her for the first time, he spun her around to get a good look at her and they hugged.  They had both prepared vows to read to each other. It was so incredibly intimate and romantic.  Then out of nowhere David blurted out, "This is SO much better than doing it in front of everyone!" I laughed to myself  (quietly) because the first looks IS such a great personal, intimate, romantic moment that a bride and groom can share together....alone! (Well, with me looking over their shoulder! HAHAH!). I loved it!

Another Favorite Thing from their wedding was right during the processional while we were waiting for everyone the music stopped for a moment, then a hawk cried out! It was like a movie! It made the mood so authenticly romantic! Like someone said "Cue the Hawk!!!" :D 

My last favorite thing was during the ceremony I was sitting in the pews hiding out so I wouldn't be in the isles.  Right in front of me the little three year old ring bearer turned around with a scowling look and said "SHHHHHH!" to me as I was shooting the bride and groom.  Then he whispered, as quietly as a three year old could, "Stop!"  Apparently he didn't like the sound of my shutter and HE was adamantly told to be quiet during the ceremony.... and that means me too! :D It was adorable, I had to catch a shot of him scolding me! :D 
It was a great wedding and I truly had a wonderful time. And we got some fun/awesome shots. Everyone was willing to try my crazy ideas and it was beautiful! Congrats Nikole and David!!!! :D

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