Monday, August 6, 2012

Erin + Jeff | Hightower Falls, GA Wedding | Rockmart Wedding Photographer

Erin and Jeff were married at Hightower Falls which is always  a fantastic venue to taking wedding photos!!  One of my favorite things about their wedding was the groomsmen's superhero shirts.  Yes, in addition to being a Star Wars nerd, I'm also a comic book freak!  I love superhero movies!  So, when they said they wanted to play with the idea I was toally game!!! My other favorite thing from their wedding was Joseph.  Sweet Joseph, a groomsman, who made me feel special all day....even though he was joking. All the way up to the toast and in front of EVERYONE he called me out from behind my camera and demanded a hug.  A bit embarassing, but hillarious none the less!  It's days like this that I truly love my job!!! :D 

To See More of Erin + Jeff's wedding photos please CLICK HERE!!!!

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