Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What an awesome date! One - Eleven - Eleven.  I can think of a few reasons today is SUPER special. 

#1.  All of those one's. 
#2.  School's out because of the snow!!!!
#3.  The MOST special part of today.... It's EMILY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! 

Emily turned 8 years old today and it is a most memorable day because all of those ones!  I made her a couple of keepsake boxes....She loves boxes!  Got her 11 M&Ms and 11 Whoppers (her favorites).  I wrote 11 things I love about her and made her go on a scavenger hunt with 11 clues to find her present.  Then of course, we had a sledding party!  It was the best birthday E-V-E-R according to Emily... and me too! :D

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