Thursday, January 13, 2011

Engagement Season is upon us! :D

My Facebook question of the week this week was:
Did you pick out your engagement ring together, or did he surprise you?!?
I just love hearing from everyone!  Please post your story! :D

  Anita  I picked out 3 and the store took note...then he picked from there. He only had 5 days, he asked me to do that for    him so he wouldn't use up his leave worrying that he'd get the "wrong" one!

  Sasha Suprise!!!!! and I would not want it any other way! We had not even discussed cuts, size, or settings. (oval solitaire and half a carat vvs1, D color btw) And he was very romantic in the asking btw. Dinner at Ruth's Chris, limosine moonlit drive, and took me to the top of Shades Mountain.

  Diane We went to Solomon Brothers and picked out the loose stone together. He picked up the ring later.

  Tammy He suprised me with a ring for the proposal and then we picked out the official diamond engagement ring, wedding band and his band to match.

  Kenni He surprised me! I will wear it 'til the day I die :>) It's small - but it reminds me that it was the "best he could do." He could buy something way bigger now - but this is good enough for me.

  Katelyn We went looking at rings together, but he had the final say so :)

  Kayla  He knew the kind of rings that I liked. Knowing that, he took diamonds from his grandmothers ring and had my engagement ring and wedding band made.

  Rachel I picked out 3 styles and then he chose and surprised me with one!

  Mallory  He surprised me with a custom ring! No other ring will ever look like mine

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