Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York | New York City Photography

I was SO excited to be going to New York to shoot a wedding, so I brought my best friend/second photographer, Jarett,  along for the trip!  We ate so much great food and saw SO much in just three days.  Our feet hurt so bad, but it was worth every single blister!! :D 

Our first stop was in Chinatown.  I've been to NY a few times, but never go the chance to go.  It was everything I expected and hoped for. That gritty, colorful, ethnic character was everywhere. We ate at Big Wing Wong's and were the only non-Chineese in there.  Yes, we got some looks, but the food!!! OH! The food!!! :D  I've never seen that many won-tons in one soup anywhere else in the country!  I also had pork and duck.  Pork - yes, duck- not so much....

I blended in!  I didn't tell anyone I'm Japanese! :D

Jarett didn't particularly care for the frogs in a bucket.  I thought it was hilarious!  

 I loved all of the colors and texture!!!  A photographer's dream.

 After we spent the evening in Chinatown we realized we were not far from the Brooklyn Bridge. So we walked over and when we got there Jarett had the crazy idea to cross we DID!!!  We were tired, but it was so awesome.  We met SOOO many people from all over the world and it was pretty crowded even after dark so we never felt unsafe. 

After we got to the other side we took some cool photos of Manhattan from Brooklyn, then found a little pizza shop and had a slice!

The next day was all about location scouting, but not before we ate at the Shake Shack! I had the best sandwich ev-er!!!

My favorite location was the New York Public Library

We went to Chelsea to check out Highline Park.  It had some really neat views of the city.  Dinner there was yummy! I had baked clams.  I loved it so much I didn't take any pictures! :D

 We were on Broadway trying to decide what to do that evening when we saw this!!!! But our excitement quickly turned to dissapointment when we saw the show didn't start for 2 weeks!!! :( 

 Time for work!

Work is always great when you have a little bit of fun! :D

And yes!  I WILL dance at your wedding!

Thanks SO much Anne-Marie and Michael!!!!

Had to get a photo of the Pam-Mustache-wich

Our view of Manhattan from our hotel in Queens.  Bye NYC! :D

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