Thursday, October 20, 2011

NYC! | Times Square, Grand Central, Central Park Photography

Flying to New York for Anne-Marie and Michael's wedding is probably one of the most exciting events of my career!  Every moment of the weekend was filled with new and exciting colors and textures.  My mind was so overwhelmed with it all that I'm SO glad I took lots of photos so I could remember it.  I have some favorite when we sneaked into the New York Public library for some really dramatic photos...or when we got to Times Square at 1 in the morning and Anne-Marie and Michael were looked at like celebrities!!!!  Which made me their personal paparazzi! ;D  One thing that I really loved is the dancing!  I know I'll probably get some letters about this, but New Yorkers KNOW HOW TO DANCE!! It was SO much fun!  I really enjoyed watching everyone really get into it.... and yes... so did I! :D  

To see more of Anne-Marie and Michael's wedding please CLICK HERE!!!

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