Monday, August 13, 2012

Jones' Summer Trip 2012

This summer we were lucky enough to get to take the family out west!  Our trip began in Salt Lake City and we drove up towards Wyoming.  On the way, we took an accidental detour through the Wasatch National Park.... and boy was it a great detour.  It was a beautiful way to start our trip! 

We stayed the night in Jackson Wyoming and had a wonderful breakfast.  It was actually the best food we had on the whole trip! :D  Our first stop... the Grand Tetons!  It was everything we expected it to be!

Luckily we brough along our binoculars.  The kids loved looking for animals with them, especially Brooke.  She kept saying, "I see a bear!.....Never mind, it was just a tree."

We went to Mormon Row Historic District to get some nice shots of the Tetons.  Much better than from the highway!

Mark wanted this shot of the girls running in the grass.  He shot video while I took photos and sang the theme song to Little House On The Prarie.  Brooke even fell in the grass right on cue! :D

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