Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rome Italy | Travel Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer

Traveling around the world and being a travel photographer is a dream of mine. So,  getting to shoot a destination wedding in Rome, Italy just doesn't even seem real!!!  I have tons of pics of Leah and Chris' wedding in Rome, Italy coming soon, but I wanted to first share some of the amazing locations we visited along the way! I took my trusted assistant/husband, Mark, along to get some video of our destination wedding in Italy as well!  We also have travel photos from Florence, Pisa and Venice coming soon!!! 

The colosseum in Rome was more than I could handle.  Yes, I did tear up a bit thinking about the history of ancient Rome right in front of me!! The bride and groom had lunch with Mark and I right up the hill from the Colosseum so we could see it while we ate. It was literally breathtaking!!
We were able to take a break from shooting the bride and groom in Rome to catch a gorgeous sunset overlooking the city near the Piazza de Popolo!
We were lucky to get to shoot some wedding photos in Vatican City! I had no idea that was even possible!!! :D  The people in Rome were so nice... even the policia!
St. Peter's Basilica was more incredible than I could imagine.  And I cried again in the Sistine Chapel.  I had no idea I would have such a reaction when I saw Michelangelo's work with my own eye, but I did. We weren't allowed to take pics in the chapel though. 
The Swiss guard/ aka the Popes personal body guards.  Even in Italy, the Popes guards are all Swiss! :D Mark said you'd think they'd have better uniforms than those clown suits... but don't be fooled. These guys are trained marksmen! 
I will never see Mass on TV the same again!!!
My favorite spot in Vatican City!  I made sure to sneak the Bride and groom to this spot for some amazing wedding pictures!!
Our Hotel in Rome was amazing!  It was an old Roman building and even the keys to the closet were those old kind you see in movies!! I loved it more than any other hotel we stayed at!! 
Yes I was obscessed with the old Italian little streets!! Everywhere we went the streets got smaller and smaller! The cab drivers were insane but it was so much fun!!!
Rome, Italy
I will never see American pizza the same again! 
The Spanish Steps in Rome were a big let down. I'm sure it's pretty with no people and construction... and street peddlers!
A Roman Courthouse.  WOW! 
I loved seeing the fantastic ancient Roman buildings and this more modern yellow home just planted in there!! It was so fun to me!
Finally finished out night shooting in Rome with one last pic of the photographers!  Ciao!

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