Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Florence, Italy | Travel Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer | Pisa | Tuscany

After Leah and Chris' wedding in Rome, Italy we took a few days to travel the Tuscan countryside! 
On the way to the leaning tower, we stopped at a little street market in Pisa!  The food in Italy is not only delicious but it's also beautiful!
I'm not a fan of olives, but they are pretty! 
We got lost walking around Pisa, and accidentally came across this aquaduct!! I was sooo excited!! I never thought I'd ever see one in person!
The leaning tower in Pisa did not disappoint!! Even after getting lost and walking an extra 5 miles, it was so awesome when we finally saw it leaning in the background of the small town! 
I had a couple of things to cover on my bucket list!
Florence is a beautiful city!  We walked over 5 miles around the city and our favorite things were to shop in the small un-touristy areas and go for walks after dinner on the narrow cobble stone streets at night! It was definitely the most romantic city we visited! 
Visiting the beautiful vineyards in the Tuscan countryside was the highlight of the trip for Mark!  He loved every part of it.  We're thinking about planting a vineyard in our back yard now!! :D  I got to enjoy some locally grown olive oil! AND I bought some to take home!
A tiny village in Tuscany. I loved visting the small butcher shop and markets.  I got a cute pair of earrings in the town.  I wish I could remember the name!

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