Thursday, May 28, 2015

Venice, Italy | Destination Wedding Photographer | Travel Photographer

Venice had to be my favorite town to photograph! Italy is gorgeous but I was infatuated with the colors, the water, the weathered buildings and the bridges!!!
AHH Venice!  
This quote kept coming to my mind while in Venice. 
"Roads?  Where we're going we don't need roads!"  Venice it made entirely of waterways and sidewalks.  No streets. No cars, bikes, rollerskates... Pretty much nothing with wheels!
I loved seeing clotheslines hanging everywhere!  I know it's crazy but it's just so beautiful.  Even their Italian undies!! :D
I'm pretty sure Mark and I went over at least 1/2 of the bridges in Venice!!! There are 409 bridges!
Mark and I stood on the Rialto for an hour and a half waiting for an amazing venetian sunset over the grand canal.  It never was as spectacular as we hoped, but it was super fun watching all of the activity over the water and lots and lots of tourists!!! 
Venice at night is still amazing! 
I loved all of the colors and texture! When I saw these steps leading into the water I had to snap a pic.  Later that night the water was all the way up to the sidewalk!!
I watched this little old Italian lady in the window putting out her laundry! 
Mark and I found ourselves in a residential area with no tourists as we got lost again!  Getting lost was the best part of being in Italy!!  We found ourselves in a tiny little square with a church and heard someone, I'm assuming a little old Italian man, playing an accordion.  It was like something out of a movie!! For real!! Mark and I danced for a minute. It was SO wonderful!!!!

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